Sunday, April 5, 2009

76 Trombones

So I've decided the reason I don't blog anymore is I don't have the time. Composing a decent blog entry isn't something that just happens, but seeing as though I have about 2.5 minutes in which I have nothing to do all day, I've decided to just wing it and write what's on my mind. Don't expect anything well-written, for anything to come full circle, or for there to be a moral of story (or a point for that matter), cuz it ain't gonna happen. I'm just gonna write shit down that happens, moreso for me than for any reader, so that I can remember what it was like to be the mother of a 9 month old (or 12 month old, or 15 month old...or however long I can keep this up).

When Samantha sleeps, I'm always wary of the sounds that abound in our condo, mostly from our upstairs neighbor, but also from the phone or doorbell or outside. Well, NO MORE! I've found that if my baby is tired, she will sleep no matter what. What taught me this lesson? SHE FELL ASLEEP WHILE A MARCHING BAND WAS PASSING US BY NOT 5 FEET IN FRONT OF OUR FACES! Trombones, cymbals, and everything! Babies, I swear!!!

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Laural Out Loud said...

The wisdom has always been that babies will sleep through anything if you make it the norm. But a marching band? That takes some skills!