Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg Head

Samantha got her first ear infection. It was pretty terrible: high fever, irritability, poor sleeping, etc. Even worse, though, was the medicine she was given to cure her of this infection: amoxicillan (sp). My god, she HATED it. And we had to give it to her for 10 freakin' days. And it was pepto-bismal pink and got on everything in her vicinity since she pretty much spit it out or gagged on it the first 6 times we tried to give it to her.

She seemed cured until she got another fever and started pulling on her ears again. When I brought her into the doctor for her 2-week check in, the infection was still there, and, even worse: in BOTH ears now. More (and stronger) anti-biotics...but at least she's learned how to take the medicine now (actually I've learned how to give it to her) and this time it's white.

Turns out that the propensity for ear infection is due to the shape of the baby's head and is hereditary, which absolutely SUUUUCKS, since my husband had about 3 million ear infections as a child (and even had to have tubes put in his ears) and he and Samantha have the exact same shape head.

So here is to the first of many, many ear infections. *sigh*

Happy Easter.

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Laural Out Loud said...

Oh no, she has his head?