Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dissertations in Fourth Grade?

The Illinois Standards Achievement Test starts on March 4th. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how it is fair that a student gets tested on if they've achieved the standards for an ENTIRE school year in MARCH? The beginning of March to boot! They used to be in April, which I also thought was early, but it's better than March!

I'm sorry, but I can't cram 10 months of material into 6 months. I. just. can't.

Especially when the standards we have to teach to are so vague. I've always hated their unspecific nature. For example:

Language Arts:
Standard 2B2b: Identify and explain themes that have been explored in literature from different societies and eras.

13B2b: Describe the effects on society of technological innovations (e.g. antibiotics, steam engine, digital computers, etc.)

Social Studies: (thank god we don't get tested in this!)
16.C.2d Describe the economic conse­quences of the first agricultural revolution, 4000 BCE-1000 BCE.

I mean, don't these sound like topics one does dissertations on rather than 4th grade learning standards??? It is so ridiculous. And how can I possibly teach the enormous scope of what one standard/benchmark covers? And there are SO many for each grade. Am I alone here in thinking this is absurd?


Anonymous said...

That's bogus.

kara said...

My 10th graders get tested in March also. Our testing starts the same day and spans two weeks.

The kicker . . .
The science test covers 9-12 grade standards. They only get tested in the 10th grade year.

WTF is that all about?