Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today of All Days

I had a bad day. From the moment I woke up until right now, I have not wanted to be awake. I haven't wanted to talk to anyone. Unfortunately, I didn't get my way. Not only did I have to work, it took me an hour to get there. Then the first thing that happened when my kids arrived was that 2 of them started pushing each other in the hallway and hurt an innocent bystander. My kids were nuts all day. Then, after school, I had to host a book club meeting (more work) and then run errands, one of which included entering The World's Stupidest and Most Frustrating Parking Lot. It also doesn't help that I have had a headache for like 2 days. Oh, and it REALLY doesn't help that I came home to about 8 piles of cat puke that I had to clean up while my Chinese food got cold.

Aaaanyway, the last period of the day today, my kids had art. Yay, art! Yay, last period of the day! Usually the art teacher comes in (we don't have an art room. The art teacher travels to every room using a cart to transport her supplies...sad, I know, and VERY common), explains the project, hands out materials, and the kids work relatively quietly for 30 minutes. I work at my desk and nobody bothers me (yeah, right...I'm bothered all the time. Let's just say it's nice because I'm not responsible for anyone's well-being during this time).

Today when the art teacher came in, she announced that today they were doing something different. Today they were going to have a music lesson! (We don't have music, so this is a real treat!) She brought out this box of brand new percussion instruments, including maracas, jingly bells, triangles, and (god help me) cymbals. Yes, cymbals. Fuck.

My kids WENT NUTS. They were so over-stimulated by this new experience that the room was a...a....a...I don't even know what to call it. Let's just say it was crazy. She managed to teach them what whole, half, and quarter notes were, and they did play some rhythms, and it was cute to see them all excited and into it, but with my headache, I was NOT amused. At all.

Today...of all days...I really needed a nice, quiet, involved art project.

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