Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Being Happy

Was the word "gay" always so funny? I mean, when my kids hear the word "gay" as in "happy," they just think it's the funniest thing in the world.

While reading aloud to them, I read the word g-word and half of them could barely contain themselves. The more mature students (a.k.a. girls) just rolled their eyes and whispered to the gigglers, "'Gay' means happy, idiot!" I just kept reading and eventually the chuckling died down.

I wonder when the word ceased being funny for me. Or was it funny at all? I can't remember. I think I was part of the "more mature" eye-rolling team.

I do remember, however, when I would use the word in this capacity: "That is SO gay!" That wasn't that that long ago and I remember thinking, "Hey, I actually know gay people now, so that probably isn't cool." I stopped.

I also try not to say that things are "retarded," but that one slips out every so often. Hmmm...I guess I should try not to say that things are "lame," either. Geez, maybe I just should talk anymore! Don't worry, I promise not to become one of those uptight, ultra-PC people.

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