Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Get What You Ask For

Today I walked into the lunchroom to eat lunch with my kids, like I always do. A few of my kids were already seated as they brought their own lunches. The rest were in the lunch line waiting to be served prison, er, school food.

I sat down in my usual spot next to one of the girls. She was busy smashing up her ziplock bag of pringles with her juice box.

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Smashing my chips into tiny little pieces.

Duh. I asked an obvious question and got an obvious answer.

She ate the rest of her lunch while reading a book. Meanwhile, the now-crushed Pringles were still sitting there in the bag. I couldn't take it anymore:

Me: Why did you crush your chips with your juice box?

Her: So there would seem like there was more of them! Can I go get a spoon?

Yes, she then ate the crushed chips with a spoon. ( :

1 comment:

Laural said...

Ah, she likes her crushed chips straight up. I like mine a bit more diluted, like on a sandwich.