Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Walk When You Can...

I think I've posted before about how I must say "stop running" or "walk" at least 458 times a day. When you work in a building with 700-some students and none of them (except for moody and lethargic 8th graders) seem to be able to walk anywhere, you start to sound like a broken record.

Not only do the kids run anywhere they possibly can, they twirl, hop, skip, or slide...y'know, to mix it up.

Today my kids had art. Due to lack of space, art is in the classroom. The art teacher comes to us with a cart of supplies. So most of the time I am in the room during art class. I work quietly at my desk while the kids work not-so-quietly at their desks. (It's amazing what I'm able to tune out.)

I was working at my desk and happened to look up to see one of my students slide out of his chair, crouch on the floor, look around as if he's on a secret mission, and then POUNCE toward the garbage can in a Spider Man fashion. He made it in one leap! Once at the garbage can, he crouched again and repeated the whole thing back to his desk. Then he slid back onto his chair and continued doing his art project as if lunging across the room to throw something away was the most normal thing in the world.

I didn't say a word. Just giggled to myself.

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