Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break - Friday

Friday, April 14 - Day 8
We checked out and were pleased at what a value our hotel was -- not that we didn’t know how much it cost per night, but we had been charging drinks, meals, and snacks to our room, not to mention our tour of Tikal. We went to town to have breakfast before heading to the airport. However, everything was closed due to it being Good Friday. We found one open restaurant called “Pop’s,” which was very good even though it had mediocre coffee (surprise, surprise!). We drove towards the airport and tried to take a shortcut, which somehow ended up taking us in the wrong direction. We needed to get gas before returning our rental car, but everything was closed (again due to it being Good Friday). We did find an open gas station, filled up, returned our car, and got back to the States without any problem.

Notes on Belize in general:

There are many stray dogs and cats in Belize. It’s kind of sad.

There are very noisy birds at sunrise and sunset.

People tie their horses up on the side of the “highway” so they can graze.

All highways are 2 lanes (one in each direction).

There are many speed bumps on “highways” and other roads. Many are marked, but many are not. We called the unmarked ones “stealth speed bumps.”

Humidity can have an awful effect on hair. Simona’s hair took on a life of its own.

Belize lacks adequate signage.

Papaya jelly is good.

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