Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break - Saturday

Shit, I'm already behind on my Spring Break posting:

Saturday, April 8th - Day 2
We awoke at, like, 5:30 a.m. to the sound of an army of about 20 different species of birds. Belize is a birdwatcher’s paradise. It is not, however, conducive to sleeping in. We did go back to sleep, and waking to the birds was really cool, but I could not believe HOW LOUD THEY WERE! It was really something else. When we got up for real, we went, sans shoes, to get coffee at one of our recommended coffee spots, and since it was about a million degrees by 10:00, we opted for iced coffee (and it was delicious). I also ate a giant chocolate chip cookie for breakfast and I wondered if it could really get any better than this. (It can’t, by the way).

We then decided to go snorkeling for half a day. We stopped at a little place to make reservations and the guys told us he recommends going the first half of the day since, and I believe he used these exact words, “you are so white.” (It’s okay, I’ve embraced my paleness). We ran back to our hotel, got ready for snorkeling, and made our way back to the guy, who gave us all our equipment and off we went to his boat along with some other people, one of whom was Italian, and two of whom were Australian and annoying. We were taken to three different locations to snorkel. The first two were pretty cool: beautiful coral, big fish, but a MAJOR current, so that by the end of each locale, I was NOT feeling well and was popping Dramamine like they were tic-tacs. By the time we get to the third location, I didn’t think I was going to make it without puking, but then it ended up being shallow enough to stand and there was no current at all (thank god). This third location was called “Shark and Ray Alley,” and (no surprises here), it was full of nurse sharks and stingrays! I mean full! Literally dozens of each! It was SUPER cool to actually touch these 2 animals and swim among them.

We went back to the mainland, back to our hotel, and relaxed under a palm tree for many, many hours in a row. That night, we had dinner at Rasta Pasta, where Brian had the world’s largest burrito. We were pretty wiped out from snorkeling and went back to our hotel to just relax. We ended up watching this National Geographic special about this gang that originated in Central America, but has spread through Mexico, through 35 of the united States, and through several European countries. This gang is called MS13, and Brian and I were totally enthralled by the program, and promised that we were going to be on the lookout for people with MS13 tattoos and for MS13 graffiti (foreshadowing).

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