Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break - Thursday

Thursday, April 13 - Day 7
I woke up early to go to the bathroom and discovered the world’s biggest spider in the sink. I debated for about 15 minutes what I should do: should I ignore it and go back to sleep? Should I turn the water on and see if it goes down the drain? Should I douse it with some kind chemical like face wash or hairspray? No matter which option I considered, I imagined the end result being this huge, nasty, hairy spider running up the bowl of the sink followed by its entire family of other huge, nasty, hairy spiders, jumping on me and getting caught in my hair.
I finally woke Brian up and told him. He was evidently annoyed that I would wake him up because of a spider, but said he would “take care of it.” All I knew is that I did not want to be anywhere near whatever was going to happen, so I got dressed, grabbed a book, and went to the pool to read, even though it was like 6:30 a.m. Brian came up half an hour later and conceded that I was justified in waking him up: the spider was huge and nasty, but luckily, it was already dead. Eeeeeeeeewwwww.

We left for breakfast at Erva’s and had some very good coffee. Finally! We were going to Rio on Pools, which, according to our guidebook, is a series of remote waterfalls reminiscent of Ochos Rios in Jamaica. The waterfalls were in the middle of the country in the mountains. The road leading there was another moon road. Not only was it full of huge rocks and craters, but it was over 20 miles long! We made it after an hour, and it was absolutely worth it. The falls were incredibly beautiful and we had them all to ourselves…very romantic. We climbed around on rocks, found pools safe for swimming, swam to other, taller waterfalls, and just had a fantastic, adventurous, and romantic time. (The picture doesn't do the falls any justice at all. Plus, we couldn't take pictures of the coolest falls because we had to swim to them sans camera). We stayed for three hours and had forgotten all about the impending ride home, which was just as horrible as the drive there.

We returned to San Ignacio and got some sour sap ice cream. Brian bought a Belizean cd. We returned to the hotel and went swimming. This annoying woman started talking to me and within 15 minutes, I knew her entire life story. We went to dinner at Hannah’s and had the same waitress. We also saw the annoying woman there, but thankfully she did not start talking to us. We drove back to the hotel where we discovered we had a flat tire (probably due to the 40+ miles of moon road we drove on that day!). Brian changed it. I hung out by the pool and read while Brian showered. I left when I saw the biggest cockroach ever (even bigger than the one at the zoo. Yes, they had cockroaches on display at the zoo!). I went back the cabana and watched tv. I was watching What Not to Wear when we saw “Big Bob,” our friend Jen Burn’s husband, on tv! He was one of the friend’s of the makeover-ee, and he was commenting on how great her transformation was. It was weird. There we were, in Belize of all places, when we see the most unlikely guy to ever be shown on What Not to Wear.

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