Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tough Girl Gets Ass Kicked

This past Monday, Pulaski Day, I woke up with a weird feeling in my throat. The "uh-oh" kind. If I wasn't pg, I would've taken Airborne (a.k.a. The Best Shit in the World), but since it contains Echinacea, I can't take it. Therefore, the downward spiral of sickness began. Every day a new symptom presented itself and I traced the journey of whatever virus or bacteria was infiltrating my body. It started in the throat, worsened, moved down to the lungs where I developed a cough, spread to the ears so they were stopped up and irritated (irritated ears? I've never heard that symptom in a cold medicine commercial), then yesterday moved up to my nose.

I'm a tough girl. I'm not the type to stay home from work for a cold. I still do all my chores and errands, and still work out. Until yesterday. The quittin' bell rang and that was it. I gave up. And the cold took over with a vengeance. I stopped at Jewel on the way home and bought some pity food: Ho-Hos, because I've been craving them* and brownie mix.

I got home, changed into my jammies, parked my ass on the couch, and suffered the wrath of this cold that I had been dominating for the past 4 days. Last night SUCKED. The cold kicked. my. ass.

Since I'm pg, I can't take anything good, so I had to stick with acetaminophen. And while I thank god for the temporary relief it provided, I needed something heavy-duty, like NyQuil. Y'know, the green-death flavor that knocks you the fuck out? I would've killed for some of that.

So you have to either watch Denis Leary's bit about NyQuil here or you can read the transcript (like if you're at work or something) here. Because it is EXACTLY how I'm feeling about NyQuil right now. If you're not pg, please go take some NyQuil for me. Even if you're not sick.

Wish me luck. Oh, and I am feeling better. I think (hope) last night was the lowest point of this sickness. I'm pretty sure it's only going to get better from here.

*The Ho-Hos, while satisfying my craving, were actually kind of gross.

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